How The Our Garden Design Services Work?

Every project is unique, though a similar process is followed for all garden designs. This usually includes a four step process to ensure that all projects are delivered to the highest quality, meeting the exacting expectations of clients.

When embarking on a detailed landscape project, it is advisable to have garden plans including layout plans, planting plans and working drawings.

1. Planning

The process begins with an initial visit to the site, to discuss the process. At this point the site is assessed and the client’s brief thoroughly discussed along with budget and timescale

2. Site Survey

The next step is a thorough survey of the site, including layout and measurements, levels, orientation, existing features, plants and photographs. This is then digitised and converted to a scaled CAD base plan.

3. Garden Design Plans

Concept drawings and mood boards, based on Linda’s observations of the site and the initial consultation, are presented to the client to review and discuss.

From here full plans are drawn up to include:

  • Garden Layout Plan (Master Plan),
  • Elevation/Axon. Drawings (3D),
  • Hand rendered Illustrations,
  • Full Botanical Planting Plans,
  • Working Drawings, these include Setting Out Drawings, Illustration Diagrams, Material Specifications, Quantities etc.
  • If Planting Plans only are required, Linda can produce Botanical Planting Plans for your existing garden.

4. Project Delivery

Once plans are finalised contractors can be engaged and the installation of the garden can be project managed. Working with some of the most qualified landscape contractors in Belfast, all garden projects are built to the highest possible standard.

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  • Every garden is unique, initial consultation is very important to realise your vision.
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    Garden Design Services

    We work with residential and commercial clients across Belfast and Northern Ireland. From home gardens, to large outdoor spaces, we are passionate about bringing bespoke outdoor environments to all kinds of clients.

    We are experts in providing all kinds of garden design services, including for:

    • Front garden designs,
    • Back garden designs,
    • Planting designs,
    • Garden design ideas on a budget,
    • Garden border design,
    • Garden layout design,
    • Large/Small/Medium garden designs,
    • Outdoor commercial premises,
    • Show gardens,
    • Outdoor spaces for hospitality and leisure.

    We can also advise on suppliers and supervise installation of:

    • Garden furniture,
    • Paving, patios and decks,
    • Paths,
    • Garden structures and walls,
    • Garden furniture,
    • Paving, patios and decks,
    • Paths,
    • Garden structures and walls,

    We can recommend and arrange experienced providers for all of the above to suit your needs and budget. If needed, we can also be on-site during installation to ensure that your desired effect is created:

    Garden Design Services Across Belfast

    Blueleaf are the leading providers of bespoke gardens in the greater Belfast area. From our Belfast base, we serve all areas of the city as well as Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

    We also provide garden design services across Northern Ireland, including in the rural counties and regions. Take a look at some of our previous garden design projects to find out more.

    At Blue Leaf Garden Design, we put our clients at the heart of every bespoke project. To discuss your dream garden and start the design process, contact us today.